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Do not let your home go to foreclosure! Financial Nightmare Doesn't End With Foreclosure. Learn more about how to avoid foreclosure contact us, it's very important to get yourself well informed.

"You want to avoid foreclosure, but you can't sell your home for what you owe on your mortgage. What can you do?

 Sometimes situation occurs that cause you to fall behind on your mortgage payments, no longer afford your home, an unexpected job loss, a medical emergency, a change in marital status, are just a few of the issues that can bring about financial hardship. Don't just walk away from your home. The most important thing is to AVOID FORECLOSURE. Now is the time to take action before it's too late. You may qualify for a Short Sale - even if you don't think you can ( or haven't been able to) sell your home. Let CAPY Realty LLC helps you to preserve your good name. Contact us for a free, discret, no risk, no obligation appointment.




What is a Short Sale? A Short Sale occurs when a property is sold and the lender agrees to accept a discounted pay off, meaning the lender will release the lien that is secured to the property upon receipt of less money than is actually owed.




A Short Sale is an alternative to foreclosure and may be an option if:


 You are ineligible to refinance or modify your mortgage

You are facing a long-term hardship

You are behind on your mortgage payments

You owe more on your home than it's worth

You have not been able to sell your home at a price that covers what you still owe on your mortgage

You can no longer afford your home and are ready or need to leave



What are the benefits of a Short Sale?


  • You are in control of the sale, not the bank
  • You will spare yourself the social stigma of the"F" word, foreclosure 
  • With CAPY Realty LLC the sale of your home will be handled like any other home sale
  • Avoid the negative impact of foreclosure
  • Start repairing your credit sooner than if you went through a foreclosure
  • The lender forgives the remaining balance of the loan


        What is the process for a Short Sale?  Be prepared for a long process. A short sale may take up to 120 days, but this could be shorter or longer, depending upon your specific situation. Waiting for your lender's review of the short sale package can take several weeks to months. At CAPY Realty LLC our professionals will guide you every step of the process.


You can not sell your home without your lender and any other lien holders agreeing to the sale and releasing the lien so that the buyers can get clear title.



In some cases, you may be eligible to receive relocation assistance.

How can I get started? Getting started is easy! Contact us, at CAPY Realty LLC, we have qualified real estate professionals who are specialized in Short Sales.



With CAPY Realty LLC you can count on:



Provide you with a comparable market analyses(CMA).


Help to set an appropriate listing price for your home.


Put special language on the MLS that indicates your home is a Short sale and that lender approval is needed.


Ease the process of working with your lender or lenders.


Negotiate the contract with the buyers.


Help you put together the short sale package to send to your lender(or lenders if you have more than one mortgage).




Learn more about Short Sales contact us, we will be happy to assist you.



Tips to help seller's

Curb appeal isn't optional when selling your home

Make your home more appealing to potential buyers

"First impressions are everything". If the outside, or "Curb appeal" looks good, people will more than likely want to see what's on the inside.  A pretty face will get them in the front door. The first impression a potential buyer has of your house will prompt them to explore further or drive away. Curb appeal is such an important component to selling your home. Your curb appeal is your most powerful marketing tool!.

Learn more about how to sell your property.

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